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Cagli, Paula
Art historian, artist, and photographer presents Renaissance-inspired paintings as well as photos taken in Italy. Includes a list of lectures on art history topics.

Calace-Wilklow, Susan
Realistic figurative oil paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Calandre, Eloise
London-based artist shows photos and drawings. Figurative.

Calcagno, Martin
Argentine artist shows works which combine metals with video and hi-tech to create scenes of daily life. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text only in Spanish.

Calisse, Fabrizio
Retrospective (from 1975) of photographic works and artist books. Text in English, Italian, and French.

Cammer, Michael
Different approaches to art including painting, performance, criticism, and didactic narrative are shown here by a New York artist. Includes resume and some adult material.

Camomile, Sandra
Interdisciplinary artist who constructs a visual response to the female perspective.

Camp, Sokari Douglas
Nigerian-born, British artist (shortlisted for the Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth exh.) shows work samples. Mixed-media, figurative.

Campbell, Adam
Celebrity portraits in black-and-white. Drawings.

Campbell, Andrew
This British artist presents paintings, sculptures, and installations which deal with the extremes of the human condition.

Campbell, Marica
A collaboration of fine art in many different mediums.

Campello, F. Lennox
Maryland-based artist shows abstract paintings and figure drawings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Canela, Myrna
Canada-based artist shows expressionist and figurative paintings, drawings and photos. Includes resume.

Capellaro, Jane
An artist and a teacher, a traveler and a dreamer, who paints in watercolor, oil and acrylic media, the places she has seen and the visions that she dreams.

Caponi, Robert
Graphic design showcase by this North Carolina artist. Logos, patterns, and other projects.

Caprin, Gustavo
Showcasing the past and recent projects of this Barcelona-based artist.

Caradimos, Carol
Representational pastel landscapes and seascapes of Cape Cod from this Massachusetts artist.

Carlone, Pio
Sydney based artist that specializes in Australian landscapes, still lifes and figure paintings.

Carmel, Eli
Swiss-born, Israeli artist shows both abstract and figurative oils, pastels, watercolors, drawings. Also ceramics and photographs. Java required.

Carmi, Rhea
California-based artist shows abstract impressionist works dealing with antiquity, landscape, the human spirit, and the insanity of war.

Carnie, Andrew
Installation artist shows a great variety of his work, including pieces on scientific topics.

Carrillo, Lucas
Figurative drawings. Cartoonesque and satirical.

Cartmell-Cantrell, Micah
Wildcat Studios: portfolio site featuring illustrations in various media, designs in leaded glass, and artist prints.

Cartwright, Katharine A.
Paintings of wine varietals, including burgundy, chardonnay, merlot, and others, by this New York artist.

Carvalho, Josely
"Diary of Images" features poetic text and works in printmaking, painting, objects, artist's books, installation art and new media. Flash.

Caspar, Stephan
Dots and Spaces: design that clutters up our lives. Daily weblog of designer and filmmaker with reviews, discussion and thoughts.

Castelli, Luciano
The artist focuses on the female body in photography, painting, and sculpture, featuring dance themes. Includes exhibitions listing and biography.

Casten, J.D.
Conceptual, abstract, and surreal works as well a nature photography. Poetry and philosophy. Includes biography.

Castenschiold, Kristin
Online portfolio of photography and realistic drawing, including pet portraits, especially featuring dogs.

Catapano, Gerard
Impressionist works in oil and acrylic, The artist also conducts workshops in Europe and the U.S.

Cavanaugh, Myles
Realistic and impressionist paintings of people and landscapes.

Virtual sketchbook produced by the artist who encourages other fantasy sketch artists to show their work.

Cerejido, Miguel
Cuban-born artist's collection of original works inspired by music and the images that music generates in his personal sensibility. Includes biography and exhibition list.

Cerletty, Mathew
Figurative works by the New York artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Chabrieres, Stephane
Figurative wood sculptures by this French artist who also shows works by favorite painters. Includes resume.

Chalk, Chris
Oil paintings by this Welsh artist. Features landscapes, portraits, and animals in a realist style.

Chamberlain, Paul
Impressions in Oil: featuring California landscapes, including the historic Arroyo Seco bridges and the Kern River area of the lower Sierras. With exhibitions listing.

Champlin, D. Loren
Expressionist paintings, pastels, and prints by this Maine artist. His subjects include nudes, wildlife, nature, and landscapes.

Chang, Ted
Presenting a portfolio of realistic traditional and digital artworks. Includes photography samples and a 3D tutorial.

Chapman, Julie T.
Featuring wildlife art based on fieldwork by this Montana-based artist. Includes resume.

Charleston, Marlaya
This Southern California artist's works focus on music, especially on Jazz, Blues, and Soul music. Includes exhibitions listing.

Chasar, Pete
Oregon artist and geometric sculptor showcases his design work. Includes art by other family members.

Cheek, Durinda
Featuring architectural and landscape paintings in oil and watercolor of Southern and European scenes.

Chern, Barry
Sampling of the non-commercial art and music. Features hand-pulled lithographs with roots in both fine arts and comics; and music based in the traditional and outsider styles of the last century in America.

Chernitskty, Shirley
A self-taught visual artist who works with gouache, acrylic, engraving, ceramic and tapestry with the traditional sarape technique.

Chevalier, Renée
Online portfolio of this artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Abstract paintings and site-specific conceptual works.

Chong, Albert
Jamaica-born artist now based in the U.S. presents an online gallery. Mysticism and social issues crop up in his works which include photography, sculpture, and installations.

Christian, Sharon
Views of contemporary life by this Canadian painter. whimsical animal sculpture too.

Schudio: graffiti and cartoon-style artwork from this English artist. Designs and illustrations, including animations.

Chung, Soyoung
Paris-based artist shows abstract installation works exploring the "notions of space." Includes exhibitions listing.

Church, Daisy
Horse paintings and other representational works by this Los-Angeles based artist and animator.

Cianelli, Jaison
Abstract works, including inspirational paintings, and landscapes by this New Hampshire-based artist.

Cicero, David
Arizona artist shows abstract acrylic and oil paintings. He works in the tradition of the New York school.

Cima, Daniele
Holy Stars: a celebration of contemporary media icons and symbols, both sacred and profane, from this Italian artist and art director. Geometric patterns in collages and pastiches.

Cladis, George
Slideshow of Ground Zero in mixed media.

Clancy, Diane
Massachusetts artist shows colorful paintings and graphic design samples. Figurative, cubist, and abstract works. Weblog.

Clark, E J
Abstract, landscape and fractal art on paper using oil pastel and digital media by this Texas-based artist.

Clark, Ilze
Specializes in abstract paintings, charcoal drawings, geometrical objects, and experimental photos.

Clark, Stephen
Paintings, drawings, photographs and fiction from an Australian artist. Figurative, nudes and cartoons. Computer graphics.

Clendinning, Wes
Site titled "ScratchArt" features sketches of comic and cartoon figures, from futuristic racing babes to Tarzan.

Cliffe, Jim
Online portfolio by an illustrator, animator and filmmaker who presents some comic artwork. The artist plays with angles and space.

Clizer, Jan
Painter and musician focuses on Scottish subject matter.

Coats, Cindy
Hawaiian artist presents paintings and prints. Colorful designs inspired by local flora and fauna.

Coburn, Tyler
New York-based artist and filmmaker presents an online portfolio featuring video excerpts. Includes exhibitions listing.

Cocchi, Alessandra
Surrealist illustration, painting and sculpture from this Italian artist. Features paper reliefs. Includes exhibitions listing.

Coderre, tyler
Portfolio for this graphic and game designer from Binghamton, NY. Illustrations and sculpture. Representational.

Coelho, Brett
This artist based in Melbourne, Australia shows works featuring a wide range of found materials.

Coffman, Kyle
Drawings and paintings, including portraits. Representational.

Cohen, John N.
Large-scale photographic artworks which create striking and surreal effects. Includes exhibitions listing.

Cohen, Sandra
Fantasy paintings, abstract designs, varied illustrations and graphics. The artist is also a musician; bands include Pink Mantis, Planet Queen, Grind.

Cole, Jack
Eclectic portfolio of design, illustration and photography from this London-based designer/illustrator. Includes CV.

Collie, Mellon
Seattle-based artist's online gallery featuring drawings and fantasy works.

Collins, Jim
Shipyard and surreal paintings by Scottish artist.

Collis, Debra
Portfolio featuring a decade of work including portraiture in oil and mosaics. Jewelry samples and photography too.

Colquhoun, Ithell
Listing of all known works and a bibliography for this British surrealist artist and writer. No images shown.

Colver, Lisa
Paintings, drawings, and ceramic sculptures from this California artist. Representational. Includes poems and family recipes.

Comstock, Jennifer
Weblog featuring collage artwork and commentary. Prints and cards.

Conley, Linda
She makes fine art prints and takes wedding and special occasion photographs.

Connor, Russell
Oil paintings, with roots in art history, by this New York artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Conrad, L.C.
Zoe's Art Stuff: representational-style sketches.

Conrad, Sean
Current and archived works by this Iowa-based artist. Representational rural landscapes and florals. Includes exhibitions listing.

Considine, Catherine
Irish artist shows realistic works in oil as well as sketches.

Considine, Mary F.
Irish artist presents works in various media, from paintings to printmaking. Representational and sometimes humorous.

Conte, Jim
New York artist shows illustrations, paintings, photography, and web designs.

Cook, Matthew
Portfolio showing photography, illustration, and graphic design work by this UK artist. Includes biography.

Cook, Valerie
Young Florida artist presents anime-inspired illustrations. Also includes wildlife sketches.

Cooklin, Paul
Traditionally hand crafted limited edition black and white silver gelatin prints.

Coon, Cheryl
San Francisco-based artist showcases paintings, sculpture, and installations, with focus on natural surfaces, structures, and materials. Includes resume.

Copham, Kristen
Colorful oils, acrylics, sculpture, murals, and children's books are showcased.

Coppinger, David
The artist presents drawings, paintings, and limited-edition prints featuring Victorian architecture.

Corber, Brian
Canadian artist presents a digital portfolio featuring expressionist paintings and landscape photography.

Corcoran, Patrick
Landscape paintings and poetry by the Australian artist.

Cordier, Claude
Surrealist paintings by this French artist. Text also in French.

Costa, Giacomo
The Italian artist displays artwork, featuring paintings, portraits, and photos. Includes biography and exhibitions information.

Costa, Regina
Spain-based artist shows digital prints on paper and fabric. Figurative and abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Costescu, Tracey
Graphite works, including demos of drawings-in-progress, by this portrait artist. Weblog format.

Cotrina Secas, Jose Manuel
Virtual portfolio featuring abstract works by this Spanish painter.

Coughlan, Megan
Coffeebean Studios, a creative mind gallery, features work ranging from intricate book-making to colorful collages to mixed-media designs. Weblog format.

Coulombe, Patrick
Montreal artist shows current works in progress. Photos and videos.

Cove, Ben
London based multi-disciplinary visual artist. Online portfolio and information.

Cox, Art
This former military and airline pilot who took up painting in retirement. Aviation-oriented themes predominate in his work.

Coyle, Ellen
Chiefly abstract works in a variety of media from this Irish artist who is currently based in Seattle.

Cray, Jen
The Florida-based artist presents digital images and photographs.

Creamer, Anne-marie
British artist and curator presents an online portfolio featuring conceptual installations and narrative pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.

Creasy, Wynn
Virginia artist presents a weblog featuring images of her paintings along with commentary. Impressionist landscapes.

Crenson, Ethan
Brooklyn-based artist using video, photography, sculpture, installation and other media. Includes exhibitions listing.

Criste, Cleto
Figurative charcoal drawings, ink sketches, paintings and graphic designs are shown and discussed by this Hawaii-based artist. Weblog format.

Csutoros, Dawn
Australian artist shows abstract and minimalist works. Includes statement and resume.

Culpepper, Constance
This expressionist oil painter of interiors, still life, and the figure focuses on emotion and makes use of patterning, layering, and compositional deconstruction.

Cunningham, Grant
An online gallery of works by the Montreal-based alternative artist .

Cunningham, Laura
A gallery of photographic, paint, print, pencil and web projects by a Rhode Island School of Design student.

Curley, Sean
Boats, water lilies, and coastal scenes are typical subjects for this British painter.

Curry, Jennifer
Freelance web design portfolio and resume for the artist. Photos, collage pieces, and silkscreen works.

Curry, Karen
Vancouver-based artist shows expressionist and representational paintings, including landscapes, interiors, figures, and still-lifes.

Cusano, Donna
Landscape works by a plein-air pastel artist living and working in Pennsylvania and Maine. Representational. Includes exhibitions listing.

Cuvelier, Jason
Figurative paintings, drawings, and prints by a Yale art instructor. Includes exhibitions listing.

Czaplinski, Frank
Dusseldorf-based artist shows abstract works in painting, fresco, and mixed media, as well as window works. Includes exhibitions listing.