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Back, Christina
D-Arts: experiments in visual expressions. (Note: fonts may be temporarily installed to view site). Artist is based in Denmark.

Badenhausen, LaThoriel
Using traditional embroidery, beading, and applique forms, this artist creates works from sanitary napkins.

Baer, Simone
Enomis: showcasing paintings, sketches, sculpture, and graphics. Representational and figurative. Photographs.

Baglia, Peter
Drawings and prints. Abstract and fantasy works.

Bailey, Frank
The artist shows cartoons, caricatures, illustrations, logos, and other graphic designs. Includes weblog. Figurative.

Baker, Alix
UK-based artist painting people and places at home and abroad in several media. Also military subjects. Biography.

Baker, Loring
Corpus Christi TX-based artist shows large-scale figurative drawings and portraits. Includes resume.

Baker, Marcy
Portland, OR-based artist shows acrylic paintings with collage as well as monotypes. Abstract botanical and architectural imagery. With exhibitions listing.

Baldira, Joan
Impressionist watercolors by this Spanish artist.

Baldwin, Hilary A.
Boston-based artist and educator working in painting, with focus on the plein-air style.

Balkanski, N.M.
Multimedia artist based in Vancouver presents cartoonesque paintings, comics, storyboards, illustrations, books, graphic design, and movies.

Banna, Sinem
San Francisco-based artist shows conceptual works: sculptures, objects and installations. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bannon, Martha
Essex, MA painter of decorative accessories, furniture and canvases as well as custom work. Event and show information, photographs of past work, and short biography.

Barbagli, Daniele
Various media includes photographs, polaroids and screensavers.

Barbato, John
US artist currently residing in Mexico shows a collection of paintings and poetry in site titled, Virtually Surreal.

Barber, Gabriele
California artist and art instructor presents a virtual gallery. Representational. Includes resume.

Barger, Illia
Realist and impressionist work with an abstract flavor featuring still-life subjects by this New Jersey-based artist.

Barin, Elena
Virtual gallery of paintings, including still-life, landscape, and portrait. Also theatre sketches and puppets. (In English, German and Russian)

Barker, Curt
Representational watercolor and oil color paintings.

Barksdale, Corey
Atlanta-based artist presents a virtual gallery showcasing graphic design and painting. African-American influences. Range of styles.

Barlow, Nina
Designs paper and fiber masks for theatrical use.

Barmon, Cathryn
This New York City artist constructs Japanese-influenced diorama landscapes in the series titled “Nature is Sculpture."

Barnes, Hannah
Indiana-based artist and educator working in painting, drawing, and installation. Includes recent work and exhibition history.

Barnes, Tess
This South London artist displays portrait and landscape paintings and sketches. Impressionist.

Baron, Andrew L.
Narrative abstractions from this New York City painter. Includes exhibitions listing.

Barr, Chris
Philadelphia-based conceptual artist producing works in media and performance art.

Barr, Marie
Virginia-based, experimental artist shows both mixed-medium digital and traditional work. Abstract and figurative.

Barrett, Richard
This Sheffield-based painter's work is heavily influenced by the transitory quality of nature, especially as seen in the surrounding Peak District.

Barrington, Rebecca
The artist brings five classic fairy tales to life in paintings and words. Note: adult language used here.

Florida-based painter favors works relating to canoeing, camping and outdoor life. Music background.

Barth, Joy
Abstract images in oil and acrylic; also mixed-media works by this New Jersey artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Barton, Andrew
Classical, conceptual and figurative sculpture with liquids, plastics and ceramic materials from this Norwegian artist.

Barton, Paul
Colorado artist shows representational works done from life, either alla-prima or en-plein-air, including figure studies and landscapes.

Barton, Richard Lee
Abstract works by this American artist currently based in the Netherlands. Includes biography and work history.

Barton, Roger
A collection of drawings of peoples' pets. Mostly dogs, with a few cats. Detailed and in color.

Bartula, Lena
Abstract paintings and mixed-media works by this Texas-born artist now living in Mexico. With exhibitions listing.

Basicevic-Bosilj, Ilija
Mystical and expressionist paintings by the late Serbian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bau, Joseph
Information and images for this Polish-born, Israeli artist. Representational.

Baxter, Glen
Draws comics where humor and tofu erupt in a series of explosions. Prints, calendars, and books available to buy.

Baxter, Nick
Portfolio of his work including paintings, film, and tattoos.

Bayer, Norbert
Pixel illustrations by this German artist. Includes biography and exhibition listings.

Bayer, Rolf
Figurative wood, stone, and terra-cotta sculptures. Drawings and designs illustrating parables. [English and German]

Bayley, Lillian
Paintings, sculpture, and installation pieces from this Maryland-based artist. Realism and political issues. Includes resume.

Beale, David
Watercolors featuring scenes and people from the Fingerlakes region of New York.

Beatty, Nicholas
RawUmber Art: eclectic work in painting, drawing, design, photography by this Canadian artist.

Beck, John
The artist shows paintings and photographs. Representational. Includes weblog.

Beck, Robert
Bucks County, Pennsylvania artist working in oils from life. Impressionist and tonalist in style.

Beckley, Bill
Virtual gallery of the works of this American artist and photographer. Minimalist. With detailed resume and exhibitions listing.

Beckmann, Babette and Curt Beckmann
Online galleries for this pair of artists, a painter and a sculptor, from Duesseldorf, Germany. Figurative works. Includes biographies.

Beer, Vanilla
Representational paintings, including food and nudes, by this artist based in Esperaza, Aude, France. Includes exhibitions listing.

Beeusaert, Frank
Belgian artist shows abstract and surreal works: Fotographism, compositions and sketches. With background music.

Beever, Julian
UK-based artist specializes in pavement drawings, wall murals, and traditional paintings. Realistic.

Begnaud, Joseph
The artist displays contemporary figurative oil paintings. Includes resume, with exhibitions details, and a tour of his St. Louis MO studio.

Beil, George
Presenting Old Hippie Art, this multi-media artist also includes information on the Sixties.

Beilby, Marcus
Realistic paintings from this Australian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Belbin, Jacob
Current interest is on tattoos. Also focused on using found and reclaimed materials. Drawings and photography.

Bell, Deborah
Abstract works by this UK painter. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bell, Lisa
Portraits and figurative works by this Michigan artist. Also florals and landscapes.

Bell, Marlene
Paintings, including abstracts, landscapes and portraits, by this Cape Cod artist.

Bellamy, Rebecca
Portfolio of this multi-disciplinary British artist, including abstract paintings and installation work.

Bellchamber, Lynne and James Box
A Macabre Gallery of paintings which feature dark, shadowy scenes often depicting clowns and dolls. UK-based artist.

Below, Caspar
Presenting videos and other documentation from performances, exhibitions, and interactive works by this London-based artist.

Beltrame, Alessandro
The artist focuses on art and alchemy in his abstract paintings. Text in English and Italian.

BenAziz-Zacharatos, Jamie
Designs by Jamie: online portfolio of figurative and abstract works by this Southern California artist.

Bennett, Anthony
Landscape paintings and drawings, also still-lifes and portraits, by a young London-based artist who loves to travel.

Bennett, Chris
UK artist creates murals using acrylics and oils on canvas and board; she strives for a spiritual and reflective essence. Some nudes.

Bennett, Maurice
New Zealand artist presents Toast Art and other Burnt works. Toasted bread as an art medium. Virtual gallery.

Bennett, Nic
Virtual representation of creative works concerning: art, graphic design and illustration. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bennett, Peter
Portraits and pet portraits by this UK artist. Impressionist and expressionist in style.

Bennett, Richard
Original art and poetry, from the romantic to the dark side of emotions, focusing on images and dreams, presented by a Michigan-based artist. Includes bio.

Benson, Sandra
Digital and traditional media works which are representational in style. Includes resume for web development skills and an artist bio.

Bercaw, Ruth
Gallery of works and a description of how the artist creates dramatic 3-dimensional oil paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Berglof, Annika
Figurative oil paintings by a New York artist. Information about the artist and virtual gallery.

Berkule, Eric
This San Francisco-based artist shows figurative paintings and illustrations in an online gallery.

Berman, Jude
Drawings and montages from a self-described visionary artist based in Berkeley, California. Includes exhibitions listing and weblog.

Bernardo, Roberto
Brazilian artist shows abstract expressionist works and color-field paintings.

Beshara, Crystal
An online gallery for this Canadian artist who specializes in watercolors and oils. Includes exhibitions listing and biography.

Betz, Jessica
Cabinet of Curiosities: showcasing film, photography, printmaking, and performance and installations by this Colorado artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bhat, Mushtaq
Multiple media works dealing with poets, epics, diversity, and civilization from this Berlin-based artist. Figurative and abstract.

Bhawana Choudhary Chandra
Indian artist presents a collection of her Cubist-inspired paintings. Weblog format.

Bielecka, Annie
'Portfolio 2005' has examples of painting, textiles and costume design by the Wivenhoe artist. Figurative and abstract. Includes bio.

Biggs, Janet
New York-based video and installation artist deals with the issues of freedom, power and control, and the attempts of social institutions to regulate personal freedoms. Includes exhibitions listing.

Billman, Timothy
Paintings, installations and mixed-media artwork. Abstract and conceptual pieces by New Mexico-based artist.

Birch, John Allen
Scotland-based artist shows cartoonesque sketches and paintings. Includes weblog.

Bircher, Martin
Swiss artist shows recent works, from net art to installation projects. Photos.

Bischoff, Mira
Brazilian-born painter now living in New Delhi presents an online portfolio featuring abstract paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bistes, Bernard
French painter presents classical and realistic works, including nudes, still-lifes, and flowers. Text in French and English.

Digital artist based in Japan presents fractal art. Includes exhibitions listing.

Biviano, Charles Jos
Virginia-based painter shows impressionist works, including landscapes and seascapes.

Biwer-Stewart, Lori
Black and white fantasy block prints with spiritually inspired subjects featuring men and women.

Bjarre, Bjorn
Norwegian artist shows sculpture, drawing, installation photos, and artist books. Abstract and figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.

Black Coffee
Swiss artist presents an online exposition featuring black and white images.

Black, Charles
Wildlife art, pet portraits, and custom projects by this Minnesota-based artist and biologist. Realism.

Black, Graham
Online portfolio featuring drawings and photos.

Blake, Cricket
Casmaran Creations: photoshop art tutorials and samples of works in various media by the artist. Representational.

Blake, Scott
Cultural icons from Jesus to Oprah rendered using bar codes to depict the final image. Also exhibitions listings for this Savannah-based artist.

Blandford, Anna
Online gallery for this Australian artist. Figurative drawings, paintings, and prints. Artist book and photos too.

Blank, Dan
Portfolio of this New York artist's work, including animation, graphic arts, commercial work, and other visual effects.

Blatt, Tom
Showing abstract sculpture in stone, wood, and metal. Weblog format.

Bloomfield, Paul
Massachusetts artist shows landscape paintings and "cameraless images" known as photograms.

Bludov, Andrey
Abstract paintings and art projects by Ukrainian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Blytt, Are
Norwegian artist presents documentation of works and biography.

Artboa: Romanian artist produces caricatures, cartoons, portraits, paintings, graphics, and animations. With exhibitions listing.

Boelter, Steven
California artist shows portraits and expressionist paintings.

Bogat, Regina
Selection of work and biographical information for this New York abstract painter. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bogatkova, Nina
Russian artist shows silk paintings and watercolors. Chiefly florals. Background music.

Bogush, Andrey
Russian artist based in Finland shows photography and video samples arranged in galleries. Fashion commission for Prada. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bold, Gina
London-based artist's online gallery of figurative oil paintings. Includes comments.

Bolliger, Maura
Mosaic artist shows samples of her colorful works. Text in English and Italian. Flash.

Bonebrake, Diana
Landscape paintings by a Los Angeles artist.

Bonfigli, Nelly
Argentina-born artist now living in Vermont shows her works, which feature Impressionist-style florals, landscapes and figurative pieces.

Bongiorno, Phil
This California artist seeks to embrace day-to-day, moment-to-moment nuances in abstract paintings. Photography and drawings too.

Booth, Helen
UK-based artist shows abstract works, including some new paintings produced with graphite and gesso on canvas. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bork, Beatrice
A lifelong love for animals and nature finds a focus in this artist's work. Watercolor and gouache.

Bors, Chris
New York-based artist shows a variety of media, including painting, photography, video, performance, and appropriated imagery in humorous and disturbing fashion. Bio.

Boshier, Derek
Los Angeles-based Pop artist shows work from the 1960's to the present. Paintings, drawings, and installations. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bostelle, Tom
This late Pennsylvania artist painted for over 70 years. Figurative works.

Bosworth, Ali
Portfolio of photography by this Canadian artist. Landscapes, details, scenes with people.

Botes, Janet
Online gallery by this South African visual artist, including landscapes and mixed media works. Abstract. With biography and exhibitions listing.

Botha, Lien
South African artist shows photographic works in this site titled 'Music of Silence.' Includes reviews and biography.

Botten, Bill
Abstract works in acrylic and oil by this South Australian artist.

Botter, Guglielmo
Italian-U.S .artist based in Treviso and Pittsburgh, PA working in pen and ink from life. Include statement and reviews.

Bottos, Matt
Melbourne-based artist presents some streaming samples of video and music compositions as well as digital art examples.

Bouassi, Josiane
Presenting examples in graphic design, photography, animation and video.

Boyd, Doris
Biography and examples of landscape paintings, figurative works, and painted tiles by this Australian artist, who died in 1960.

Boyd, Maxi
Weblog about current projects and exhibitions. Features conceptual works and multiple-artist presentations.

Boyd, Merric
This Australian ceramic artist, who died in 1959, established a pottery kiln in Murrumbeena. Biography and gallery of works, including sketches.

Boyd, Stephen
Online portfolio of London-based artist featuring abstract painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Boyer, Richard
Utah-based artist shows representational plein-air and studio oil paintings. Includes photos of the artist painting on location.

Boynudelik, Beyza
Paintings and engravings by this Istanbul-based artist. Figurative and abstract with focus on urban life.

Brabner, Bancroft
Alabama artist presents a virtual gallery of impressionistic, abstract, and expressionistic paintings with varied subjects. Some nudes.

Bracegirdle, Gail
Watercolors of contemporary landscapes, still-lifes and other works in mixed-media.

Bradbury, David
Showcasing the artist's so-called "bad art". On offer: portraits painted without charge.

Bradford, Elizabeth
This North Carolina painter focuses on the intricate formal patterns found in nature. Representational. Includes exhibitions listing.

Bradley, Justine
Abstract and impressionist landscape paintings in series, including trees, mountains, and islands. Also sketchbook examples and biography.

Bradley, Mary Lea
Non-objective forms and figurative allusions by this San Diego-based artist.

Brain Burger
Illustrations and designs, plus tutorials by Mehim.

Brandenburg, Claire
This Taos-based artist and author of children's books presents sample illustrations from her works. Includes biography

Brandt, Mary Ann
Abstract and figurative finger paintings by a Virginia-based artist. Tutorial.

Breack, J.I.
Inflight: a collection of experimental photo images including people, action, and cityscapes.

Bredehoft, Wendy Lemen
Wyoming artist responds to the land, employing the mediums of strappo print, construction, drawing, and painting. With exhibitions listing.

Breen, Eddie
"Piggyback art" by this Massachusetts-based artist and humorist.

Bremont, Alfred
Arfredo's World of Art - Arts and humanities, cognition in art.

Bresciani, DI
Australian artist, presents online galleries of landscape, figurative, and still-life paintings.

Bria, John R.W.
Fine art landscapes, still lifes and portraits in the style of painterly realism.

Briata, Raimondo
Abstract works by a painter who maintains studios in Boston and in Italy.

Bridgeman, Valerie
Stoney Creek Studio: this Quebec-based papermaker and potter explains that natural fibers, textures and shapes influence her artworks. Info about artists' trading cards.

Brocksom, Ann
Drawings, including celebrity portraits, by this UK artist.

Broeder, Willem den
Dutch surrealist presents an online gallery. Includes exhibitions listing.

Brolsma, Adriaan
Paintings and collage works by this Netherlands-based artist. Figures, flowers, and patterns predominate; collages (including miniature rooms) tend toward the surreal.

Bromley, David J.
This educator and visual and performing artist presents an online portfolio. With cartoons and blog.

Includes photography, poetry, and drawings.

Brown, Cathy
Pastel paintings featuring landscapes, still-lifes, and animal studies.

Brown, MaraLea
Presents her paintings and drawings, with a link to her translation site.

Brown, Marshia S.
Maine artist shows paintings of Sea and Land. Representational.

Brown, Rachel
Los Angeles-based artist shows examples of her work in painting and interior design.

Brown, Susan
This California artist and musician presents Bohemian Romance, featuring past and current paintings. Floral and figurative. Includes biography.

Bruce, Lorraine M.
California artist shows figurative, landscape and abstract pieces of work. Includes some nudes.

Brunzema, Gerd
The Daily Painted Egg: artist weblog on the subject of working with the medium of egg tempera. Abstract examples. In German and English texts.

Bruso, Arthur
An Alchemist's Garden: photography samples and commentary from this Jersey City-based artist. Weblog format.

Bucci, Rebecca
The artist shows 135 watercolors reflecting her spiritual and metaphysical vision. Figurative (includes nudes), symbolic.

Budesheim, Beth
Artwork honoring the inner journey and sacred self. Figurative and symbolic. Includes nudes.

Bugnon, Roland
Swiss painter who was a founding member of the "Group Mouvement" in the early sixties. Abstract paintings, drawings, and sculpture.

Bui Quang Loc
Online portfolio of Vietnamese native now residing in Germany. The artist shows abstract images. Most text is in English, but the statement is only in German.

Burack, Nancy
New York cityscape photography by native New Yorker. With biography.

Burch, Guy
This figurative painter and sculptor focuses on private and public morality and behavior. Includes CV.

Buret, Susan
Paintings and mixed media works by this Australian artist whose focus is the use of identity documentation, race and gender stereotypes as tools of power. Includes exhibitions listing.

Burfield, Aaron
Out of the ashes: Australian artist living in brushfire-threatened area presents representational charcoal illustrations.

Burkhardt, Cynthia
Photographic and digital works featuring scenic views, horses, and black-and-white images from this Florida artist.

Burra, Patrizia
Abstract paintings in acrylics and oils by the Italian artist. Some text in Italian.

Bussett, Lisa
Figurative paintings, ceramincs, and prints.

Butkus, Michael
California-based entertainment illustrator presents an online portfolio featuring movie posters, portraits, sketches, and toy designs.

Butler, Clay
This illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer, television/video producer and concert photographer showcases his work.

Butler, James
Impressionist portraits by this artist from Wichita, Kansas. Weblog format.

Buzatu, Simona G.
ArtVisiona: Romanin graphic designer and animator presents an online portfolio.

Byrd, Thom
Presents images of his drawings in several media.