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Abdi, Abed
Palestinian visual artist residing in Haifa presents paintings, illustrations and monuments. Representational and abstract. With biography.

Abeles, Sigmund
Realistic figure drawings, paintings, and pastels. Also nudes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Abernathy, Kathryn
Abstract paintings, stylized landscapes, and eclectic florals by this artist from Germantown, TN.

Abraham, Kim
Maryland artist shows oil paintings with a focus on landscape as enigma and metaphor. Includes exhibitions listing.

Acar, Ismail
Figurative works by this Turkish artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Adam, Richard
Watercolors, drawings, cartoons, pastels, mandalas, and silk screen prints by a London artist.

Adams, Caroline
Landscape paintings, prints and handmade boxes.

Adams, Susan J
Paintings, prints, video stills, and sculpture of a narrative bent.

Adamson, Brandon
Futurist artist, poet and musician based in Phoenix, Arizona. Abstract. With biography.

Adrian, Sara E.
Modern paintings and drawings in oil, acrylic and watercolor done in a bauhaus/art deco style.

Aerfeldt, Christine
South Australian artist paints ceramic figurines and dolls in folk costume, placed in mysterious settings. Online gallery includes paintings, mixed media and digital prints.

Afaf al Bajari and Ohood ALJurayed
ArtWaves: two Saudi artists, a mother and daughter team, present representational oil paintings, designs on porcelain and glass, and decorative boxes. Includes press clippings (in Arabic).

Afonsky, Vladimir
Online galleries of digital prints, paintings by Afonsky and others. Also includes poetry.

Agnoli, Kathleen
New York artist presents portraits, representation paintings and prints, and photographs. Includes biography.

Aguirre, Carlos
Colombian artist presents artwork and news in a weblog format. Figurative.

Ahmed, Adnan
Semi-abstract landscape paintings by this artist from Pakistan. Includes biography.

Ahokas, Olavi
The Weird World of Ollie - Including his artwork and his interests.

Aitken, Doug
New York artist shows selected installation stills. Includes exhibitions listing.

Multi-disciplinary artist presents an online portfolio showcasing projects and philosophical ideas.

Aje, Jide
African- and Yoruba-inspired multimedia works by this US-based artist originally from Nigeria.

Akhmedov, Timur Ernst
Artist from Uzbekistan presents an online portfolio featuring abstract and surrealist paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Akiko Endo
Large-scale paintings of imaginary cityscapes by this oil painter based in Tokyo. Text in English and Japanese.

Alberice, Peter
North Carolina artist presents abstract paintings with a focus on architecture and geometry. Includes biography.

Albuquerque, Lita
Public works with an environmental focus, painting and sculpture, and writings from this Santa Monica-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Alders, Jay
Figurative oil paintings, pastels and photographs.

Aldworth, Susan J
Botanical illustrations in various media.

Alecu, Adrian
German artist presents information and images showcasing his performance pieces and other artwork, including videos.

Alhabeeb, M.J.
Baytulhabeeb: Arabic and Islamic art by an Iraqi American artist. Features calligraphy and painting.

Alkacir, Hakan
Figurative paintings and drawings and abstract sculptures by the Swedish-born artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Alkazzi, Basil
Abstract paintings of mystical landscapes. Flash required to view site.

Allen, Jamie
Multimedia projects by this Canadian artist/researcher. Topics range from Acoustic Subtraction to Natural Resources. Includes biography.

Allen, Sterling
Austin, Texas artist displays photography and illustration.

Almeida, Gustavo
Brazilian artist present sample pieces featuring fantasy and cartoon-style imagery.

Portfolio of sculpture, illustrations, and computer graphics by an artist who has lived in Arizona and Virginia.

Amen, Irving
Biography and links to museums and galleries displaying his art oils, acrylics, woodcuts and etchings.

Amini, Elizabeth
Little Red Door: featuring abstract art by this Los Angeles-based artist.

Amos, Jacqueline
Mixed media figurative works by an artist, poet, and blues singer. Background music

Amy Clare
Drawing, cartoons, and commentary by Amika.

Anderegg, Ron
Portfolio includes figurative paintings and drawings, abstract sculpture, and photography by Los Angeles-based artist.

Anderson, Angela
Landscapes, still-lifes, and abstract paintings in acrylics by this Arkansas artist.

Anderson, Michelle
Bay Area artist, poet, writer and entrepreneur. Online art gallery, shop, web design, photography and drawings influenced by pin-up art and pop music posters of the fifties.

Anderson, Stephen
Diverse portfolio of photography, drawings, paintings, graphic design, textile design, animation and three dimensional work.

Ando, Miya
New York-based artist shows abstract paintings and sculpture. Includes exhibitions listing.

Andrews, Janie
London artist's portfolio of painting, sculpture, spatial design and public art.

Ang, Jason
Features gallery of photography and three-dimensional digital art by graduate mathematics student.

Angeloni, Richard
Colorful and bold abstract action paintings inspired by abstract expressionism.

Angelov, Krasimir
Online gallery featuring icons and representational paintings by this Bulgarian artist. Text also available in Spanish and German.

A collection of digital and traditional artwork, mostly from the imagination. Abstract and figurative images in a variety of media.

Antill, Judy
Australian painter shows mysterious landscapes to "reflect the alluring uncertainty of journeys and the unrevealed future." Includes exhibitions listing.

Antin, Randy
San Francisco artist shows oil paintings and photography. Abstract works, including 'duct tape' pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.

Antunes, Aureo
Gallery of large format abstract geometric paintings by contemporary Brazilian artist .

Dutch artist's online gallery of "amorphogenetic" abstract paintings inspired by natural sea life forms.

Appleby, James
With Genetic Rolling Mirror, this UK-based surrealist artist presents his world view. Includes galleries of computer-generated art, ink drawings, and box assemblages.

Arad-Inbar, Sigal
Features abstract paintings and fantasy sculpture as well as information about art direction for film, theater and TV. Includes video clips.

Arak, Ailar
Gallery of digital photography.

Araripe, Oscar
Acrylic paintings on synthetic canvas are presented by this Brazilian artist. Text is available in English and Portuguese.

Aravena, Sebastian
Web design, digital graphics, drawings, cycling and personal information.

Brooklyn-based artist and student shows mixed-media figurative works.

Arink, Karin
Dutch artist uses and researches different media: cut photos, modeled, cut and stitched sculptures, spatial drawings of textile and adhesive foil, animations and text works. Biography, exhibition list and reviews.

Arkhipoff, Elisabeth
Romantic Surf: graphics, graffiti, and installations by a Paris-based artist.

Armas, Enrico
Works presented by this Venezuelan artist include paintings, assemblages, sculptures and installations. Text in English and Spanish.

Armstrong, Carol
Painting subjects include tropical scenes, children, nudes, mermaids, fairies, dragons and other wildlife. The artist currently resides in Hawaii.

Arnold, Anjali B.
Quintessence Studio: featuring information about the Canadian artist's novel "Turning Points" as well as photos and representational works in various media.

Arnold, Drake
The online portfolio of Florida artist who works in traditional and digital media. Graphic design and web development services too.

Arrighi Borghese, Nike
Australian-Italian artist's online portfolio shows oil paintings and etchings, with subjects chiefly featuring views of Rome and Venice. Realistic. Includes exhibitions listing.

Artar, Sule I.
Bodrum, Turkey-based artist shows figurative drawings and paintings. Includes biography.

Arte Essentia
Portfolio and blog by this European artist whose current focus is on photography, collage, and abstract pieces.

Arteni, Stefan
Showcases the artist's work in Japanese calligraphy and painting and Sol Invictus Press, which creates one of a kind artist's books. Lists exhibitions, collections and recent essays on art related topics.

Arthur, Jon
Portfolio site with abstract relief images, word art, machine designs, sculpture, and conceptual works featuring teddy bears.

Articola, Gally
Glitch Gally: featuring fantasy illustrations, comics, and graphic design.

Asaro, Kristy
Pastel artist presents a portfolio featuring floral works and figurative illustrations.

Aspiras, Mona Lisa
This artist is from the Philippines, born and raised in Rome, Italy, and presently living in Virginia. Representational. Poetry too.

Collection of photographs and 3D graphics.

Assed, Barry
Colorful abstract paintings and drawings by this Pennsylvania artist who is 'interested in making meaning out of the random."

Athannassov, Kal
Presenting a Visual Development Portfolio as well as an Art Blog by a student artist. With resume.

Attwood, Michael
Painting, sculpture, landscape photography, and drawings. Abstract pieces and portraiture. Includes information on Buddhism.

Au, So-Ha
Abstract mixed-media works featuring diagrams and symbols. Includes exhibitions listing.

Aug, Louise
Original abstract and figurative paintings feature strong color and line.

Augustyns, Kurt
This Belgian artist's current focus is on film, with sidesteps in music, performance and photography.

Auri, Lucio
German artist shows assorted projects featuring a creative approach to interior spaces, from offices to homes.

Whimsical art inspired by the wonder of childhood.

Ayers, Franklin
Weblog featuring comments on and demonstrations of fantasy illustrations by the artist.

Ayers, Justin
This artist and NYU film student presents examples of his projects in photography, fine art, music, and video. Includes weblog.

a Marca, Giacomo
Gallery of fantasy landscape paintings by Swiss artist.