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3D Art Design
Collection of 3D wallpapers, animations, screensavers, HTML graphics, and tutorials.

3D Studio Max and Maya images, logos, and web-design.
3D animation, and still image galleries.

Battleship Bismarck 3D
Detailed 3D images of the German battleship, done by Stefan Draminski. [English and Polish]

Bob's 3-D Gallery
Christmas, science fiction, and fantasy 3D images available as screensavers.

CAD Fantasy Landscape
Gallery of images and animations of fantasy landscapes, rendered in Archicad and Strata.

Cognitive Distortion
Free 3D pictures for use as desktop wallpaper.

Image gallery created and rendered using Bryce, Poser, Rhino, and 3DSMax.

Daniel Mark Schwartz
Samples of graphic illustrations, drawings, paintings, and animations.

Dario Centrella's 3D Artwork
Images ranging from everyday objects to space scenes, rendered in various programs.

Digital Light Studio
Andrea Tonin's figurative and manga 3D stills and animations. Also includes tutorials and traditional drawings.

Featuring 3D images rendered in POV-Ray, Bryce, Poser, and Cinema4D, and digitally processed photography.

Emerald Garden
Ray-traced still art and movies.

Galleries of Bryce and Photoshop works by the Dutch artist Eric Krull.

Karl martin's digital playground featuring 3d graphics galleries, graphics links, and many other things which defy description.

Fant Asia
Exhibition of computer generated portrait and figurative stills, and movies.

A collection of surreal landscapes, populated by enigmatic objects.

Gallery of 3D images created with Bryce, Poser, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and Cinema 4D.

Frumpster's 3D
Personal site of The Frumpster. Has various pics of things made in various 3d apps

Howling Coyote
Fantasy and landscape images, created using Maya and Lightwave.

JWac Productions
Collection of 3D animations and still images, wallpapers, buttons, and interfaces. [Flash]

Kennedy, Steve
UK modeller, texturer and rigger involved in Project Reality, creating polygon game models, including characters, military aircraft and vehicles from blueprints, and scenes. Includes portfolio, photograph gallery and contact details.

Knorr, Claudia
German artist presents various 3D characters created using Alias Wavefront Maya.

Contains 3D graphics and animations from the cable series "Inside Space", by David Lauterbach.

Lo, Ai-Fen
Collection of 3D images rendered mostly in Maya and Softimage.

Portfolio of portrait and wildlife artworks created using Maya.

Nicks art
Mix of computer generated and traditional art.

Collection of 3D still images and animations rendered in Blender. [Flash]

Galleries of still and animated Pov-Ray images, and Terragen landscapes.

Pixel Arcana
3D images created with Bryce, Poser, and Carrara, as well as Flash movies.

Roe, Tom
Collection of 3D models, movie clips, and logos. Also includes figurative pencil sketches.

Rouwelers, Marcel
Digital theme-rooms with night, and landscape images. In English and Dutch.

Sherbert's Cars
Gallery of still and animated Flash/3D rendered car images. [Flash]
Digital art and design portfolio including topics such as space, land, seascapes, optical illusions and sculpture.

Erstellung von Illustrationen, Animationen, 3d, Comics, Cinema4d.

Collection of 3D rendered images on various themes, from science fiction to comic books artwork.

Featuring thematic 3D rendered galleries. Also includes traditional drawings.

The Book of Beginnings
Ray-traced and fractal image galleries.

Several galleries of images rendered with Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, and Lightscape. Contains mild nudity.

Wendy, Sara
Exhibiting a collection of female portrait and figurative artworks.

Wilby's Art
Collection of symbolic and abstract 3D composite images.

Gallery of 3D images, created using 3D Studio Max, Rhino 3D, and Photoshop.