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Art Erratica
Group of artists who share a unique vision and a dedication to work that is meaningful, innovative, and of course, erratic.

The Zymoglyphic Museum
Contains art, artifacts, and natural history from the Zymoglyphic culture, whose creative output relies mainly on the assemblage of natural objects.

Tribe: Altered Books
Group for those obsessed with altering books, collage and Antiquarian Art. All things paper and pulp including textiles.

Yahoo! Groups: AssemblageArt
For established or emerging assemblage artist or even interested in theoretical or art historical discussion of assemblage art. Critiques, discussion, marketing, methods, materials are all topics which many may be interested in exploring.

Yahoo! Groups: AssemblageArtists
A forum for artists interested in exploring assemblage. The members of this group will exchange information, ideas and techniques for creating the assemblage art form.