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Androgyne, Mon Amour
A dance/music video by composer Barry Truax based on homoerotic poetry by Tennessee Williams, as performed by bassist Robert Black and dancer Walter Kubanek, in a celebration of gay love.

Art production, images, texts, videos, biography, bibliography and project information.

Bryan Zanisnik
Photographer and video artist exhibits work. News, biography and weblog.

Center for AudioVisual Research
CAVR constructs previously unavailible experiences via the re-structuring of our media landscape.

Clandestine Potatoes
An experimental film on the Irish-Gaelic language, in which writing and language create a situation where the words are the main actors.

Award-winning experimental video maker Pierre Yves Clouin: video works and screenings calendar.

Dolan, Rebecca
Includes installations, videos, photographs and resume.

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
A nonprofit media arts center and distribution service. Online catalogue on the 175 artists and 3,000 works in the EAI collection.

Elyasaf Kowner : My Case
Video artist offering experimental films, photography, and alternative art. Features movie collection, information about projects, exhibitions, events and contact details.

8 international artists explore techniques of viral filmmaking and present 8 micromovies here in Quicktime.

Organization of independent artists for the production and diffusion of cinematographic, audio-visual and photographic works and organisation of events.

Gazzo, Monica
Avant-garde filmmaker and mixed media artist whose work is a combination of visual poetry, originality and intimacy, generally challenging issues of gender and race.

Creator of video, electronic and acoustic music. Includes samples in Quicktime format.

Lisa DiLillo
Offers video installations and photographs. Includes videography, biography, and contact information.

Lost Lake
Detailed description by video artist Chris Welsby of his 16-monitor video wall installation.

Lumen Eclipse
An online gallery of video and media shorts exhibited as public art in Harvard Square.

Marc Provins
Marc Provins is a visual artist working with video and photography. Based in Manchester, England.

Michael Betancourt
USA. Avante-garde artist working from the positions of artist-as-theorist and/or researcher producing videos, as well as books, installations, the Nonart Object Designation and Aesthetic Hazard Projects, and the Capitalism Game . Includes artist statement, biography, news, information on his projects, and contact details.

Media project offering free videos to mobile phone users in designated areas, as well as more traditional art viewing spaces. Includes video archive, calendar of events and projects, technical information and contact details.

Video ArtisT Mo Stoebe's digital presence. Contains video art clips of many different genres.

Nam June Paik's Megatron
Paik's profile and links.

Parallel Ports
Artists Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum. Video art and politically inspired work. Includes project documentation, statements and exhibition listing.

Periot, Jean-Gabriel
Personal site of artist and video director. [English/French].

Professor Bright Films
Based in the New York City area, Ben Coccio and Dave Shuff produce entertainment as well as corporate video work.

Recent Video Works and Biography
Browse the current video works and projects of Oakland, California based artist Sarah Klein.

Ross, Catherine
New York-based artist shows video works, includes CV and exhibitions and projects.

Web video music by Joerg Oswald.

Sozra's Music Art Painting Video
A representation in video of the structure and dynamics of waves and vibrations, and hence, music.

Broadband and narrowband alternative videos related to pop-culture, rock music, politics and parodies of broadcasting. Includes RealVideo samples.

Technologies to the People
Showcasing the usage of video as a medium of artistic expression. [Requires specific configuration of system, browser and plug-ins.]

The Blind Eye
Dedicated to videos designed to deflect attention from the screen, for relief from TV and Internet addiction.

The Cornelius Project
Showcases artistic multimedia projects involving an international network of collaborators. Features streaming, a gallery, forum and interactive areas.

Topsy Turvy
Three working class artists capture the surreal underbelly of the industrial carcass known as Buffalo, NY.

Uncertainty Principle
Artists Joe Zane and Julia Featheringill offer video art, digital installations and flip books.

Unwatchable Films
Independent alternative video studio producing short videos, some of which are viewable on the web.

VJ Sputnik
Digital manipulation of images, sound and video in real time. Based in New York City.

Video Art: The Early Years
Invaluable online chronology of key screenings, exhibitions and related events in the first two decades of British video art.

Video Data Bank
A resource in the United States for videotapes by, and about, contemporary artists.

Studio of Philip Geist. Includes biography, resume, projects, concepts and calendar. [English/German].

Artwork in the media of film, video, photography, fiction and multimedia. Topics include: science, biology, disease, illness, medicine, communication, information, and evolution.

A collection of video art by René Aeberhard.

Strange web design, video art and installation documentation from artist Cathy Vogan.

Walter Mirtl
A portfolio of video sequences including loop, trailer, chatbox and portrait as well as a collection of abstract photography. Includes biography and list of exhibitions.

New Zealand VJs live improvised video mix, includes booking information, bio, pictures, small video clips and information.

Who is Johnny Neurotic
This short film takes us on a fast paced roller coaster ride through the pitiful and sometimes humorous life of ex-crack head Johnny Neurotic.

The digital and video work of Australian artist John Vucic-Wolfpup.