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Albumen Photographs
Presents the art and science of albumen printing, contemporary research, conservation and treatment of images.

American Museum of Photography
Covers daguerreotypes to modernism. Research center features a guide early photo processes, book reviews and information on preserving/protecting valuable photographs.

Arab Foundation for the Image
A non-profit association that collaborates with Elysée Foundation in Lausanne to promote photography in the Middle East and the North Africa by locating, collecting and preserving the photographic heritage of that region.
Famous photographs, and master photographers, that have achieved iconic status as defining moments in history.

Central Pacific Railroad
Has a photographic history museum; also stereoviews of the first transcontinental railroad.

Cuarterolo Archive
The Cuarterolo archive is an image bank focused on 19th century Argentine and Latin American photography that houses over 5000 historic photographs.

Cut & Paste - A History Of Photomontage
Covering the artists involved in photomontage in the Berlin Dada movement, 1980s politics, and the present day.

Early Visual Media
History of visual Media, photography pre-cinema prestidigitation danse macabre optical illusions.

Georgian Museum of Photography
Virtual museum of images from photography, including portraits, architecture, cultural and historical monuments.

History of Photography Timeline
A detailed timeline of photography from ancient times to the present.

How to date an old photograph.
A discussion of dating a photograph, daguerreotype, tintype, CDV, or Cabinet photo. Photographic technique has always had changes that reflect the latest in scientific innovation. Culture, whether in hairstyles, clothing or settings, can specifically indicate a date an image was taken.

Mathew J. Steffens
Article and photographs of Commodore Steffens, one of Chicago's foremost society photographer from 1872 to the 1910's.

Midley History of Photography
Presents essays by R. Derek Wood on the history of early photography, the daguerreotype and diorama.

Photo Revue
All about Czech and Slovak photography, history, theory, reviews, profiles.

Pinhole Photography
History of pinhole photography, including theory and construction details.

The Magic Mirror of Life: An Appreciation of the Camera Obscura
Many facets of the camera obscura (dark room); the origin of the photographic camera, its place in art, culture and education,vintage instruments,images, photographs, and working camera obscuras are included.