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35mm cameras collection
A personal collection of 35mm film cameras, with tips on buying and repair, as well as hints on various topics.

An Antique and Classic Camera Collection
Antique and classic camera collection, with wooden view cameras from the 19th century. Information on camera fairs, and links for antique and classic camera collectors.

Antique & 19th Century Cameras
Displays and describes wood and brass cameras made before 1900. Includes related history and 19th-century advertisements.

Bret Culp Camera Collection
Technical information on cameras ranging from a 1926 Kodak #1 pocket camera to a Canon S40. Includes specifications and example photos.

C@mer@ Collection
A private collector site of all kinds of cameras, old or new, serious or funny. Bilingual site, French and English.

CJs Classic Camera Collection
Information, photographs and repair tips of vintage classic cameras such as Retina, Altix, Regula, Iloca, Minolta, Agfa Karat and many others.

Camera Collection by Karen Nakamura
Camera descriptions, photos, unknown facts.

Cameras Downunder
One of the largest private collections in Australia by Holger Schult

Chris's Camera Pages
Website dedicated to collecting and repair of classic cameras focusing especially on the Kodak Retina and Retinette models.

A vintage movie camera collection of 8mm & 16mm cine cameras

Collecting Movie Cameras
Antique movie cameras: history, photos, descriptions.

Collecting Photographica
Victorian images, tintypes, ambrotypes, daguerotypes; subminiature cameras, Kodaks, and brass and mahogany cameras.

Colorful Kodaks
Various colored Kodak cameras listed with photos and descriptions.

George Eastman House
Historical cameras museum. Large Brownies collection.

Graflex Camera Collection
Graflex, Speed Graphic, Crown Graphic, Military cameras. Photos and camera descriptions.

Jim's Polaroid Camera Collection
A collection and technical information of Polaroid cameras that have a bellows.

Kodak Brownie Cameras
The overview of Kodak Brownie Box cameras and their value. Collection by Remy Steller.

Leitz Collection and Optical Museum
Collection of photos and descriptions of cameras, microscopes and optical instruments.

Living Image Camera Museum
Featuring cameras from private collection, not the exotica but the ordinary, humble, and everyday cameras of the past.

Moshe Bar-el: Old/Antique Cameras
Features photos of pre-1950s cameras collection.

Antique and 19th Century Wood and Brass Cameras

Rick's camera collecting page
Personal camera collection; reviews and articles about older cameras and photography.

Canadian collector of Rollei Two-Eye cameras.

Scott's Photographica Collection
Images of, and commentary on, a personal collection of antique and collectable cameras, photographic images, and ephemera.

Stereo Photographs and Descriptions of Classic Cameras
Short descriptions and photos of more than 75 classic cameras. Photos of the cameras are in black and white and 3D stereo black and white (stereo can be viewed using red and green or blue filters).

The Camera Museum
Cameras from 1900-1960, with galleries, boxes, and manuals.

The North Star Camera Collection
Photographs of a collection of (mostly Argus, Ansco, and Kodak) cameras from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

The Tomei Classic Camera Collection
Detailed images of more than 50 vintage and classic cameras produced between 1892 and 1957 are featured including comments on their technological and historical significance.

Private collection of historic photographic cameras, photos, and accessories.