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Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
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Allen, Kit
Stylized and cartoon-like children's illustrations.

Alley, R.W.
Drawings, comments, reviews of current titles, and a brief biography of the illustrator. Includes pictures of works in progress and information about school visits.

Alter, Anna
Children's book illustrator and author. Picture books samples and information about school visits.

Anderson, Derek
Official site showcases the author/illustrator's published works and offers a glimpse into his studio.

Artigas, Alexandra
Freelance artist specializing in children and digital illustration, advertising storyboards, and character design.

Ashley, Carol
Los Angeles-based illustrator specializing in children's books, stop-motion animation, and clothing. Formerly SmallHouse Press.

Atteberry, Kevan
Children's illustration, animation, and character design. Also includes design for digital and print delivery, greeting cards, and logos.

Bailey, Sheila
Online portfolio featuring artwork from children's books.

Barbier, Suzette
Traditional illustrations for children's books and editorials.

Bostick, Blair
Portfolio of bright and colorful watercolor book illustrations.

Brandon, Theresa
Professional children's book and magazine illustration in oils, watercolor, pastel and pencil.

Breeze, Lynn
Books, news, and an introduction to the author/illustrator's creative process. Also includes author visit and contact information.

Brown, Suzy
Featuring both new and published illustrations designed for the children's market.

Burgos, Javier Gonzalez
Argentinian illustrator of children´s books.

Burns, Theresa
Illustrator of children's books, murals, and portraits. Features list of books and photo gallery.

Bynum, Janie
Illustration and book samples, school/library visit information, and art for licensing.

Camara, Sergi
Children's books illustrator, writer and animated cartoons filmmaker.

Casilla, Robert
Portfolio of painted children's book illustrations, and contact information.

Chang, Tara Larsen
Portfolio site featuring children's, black-and-white, decorative, and fantasy illustration.

Chesworth, Michael
Humorous illustrations for children's books and magazines.

Choi, Yangsook
Portfolio of book art, drawings, and paintings. Includes artist biography, schedule of appearances, and contact information.

Ciotkowski, Mary
Traditional and 3D computer illustration. Site also includes poetry and stories.

Coffelt, Nancy
Oil pastels on black paper. Includes artist's biography, portfolio, school visit information, and gallery listings.

Conger, Holli
Digital and dimensional illustration for the children's market.

Constantin, Pascale
Illustration for children's books, editorial, and animation. Content is available in English and French.

Couling, Cindy
Portfolio of whimsical children's book and editorial illustration.

Craft, Kinuko Y.
Online portfolio featuring illustrations for children's books and fairy tales.

Decker, C.B.
Colorful illustrations for children.

Dooling, Michael
Biography, list of books, photos, and school visit information.

Dyrud, Chris Wold
Illustrator of children's books, magazines, and educational material.

Elliott, Rebecca
Portfolio of digital illustrations by the children's illustrator.

Elsammak, Ariane
Humorous line art, colored in Photoshop. Illustration for children's books. [Slideshow]

Emery, Jennifer
Watercolor illustrations for children's books.

Evans, Lisa
Original illustrations for children's books, editorial, and advertising.

Farrell, Donna
Online portfolio featuring digital and colored pencil art.

Fasolino, Peter
Illustration for children's trade and educational books, board games, puzzles, and packaging.

Filgate, Leonard
"Rip Squeak and His Friends" is a book based on a series of paintings by artist and illustrator Leonard Filgate, written by Susan Yost-Filgate.

Flavin, Teresa
Portfolio featuring multicultural illustrations for children's books, greetings cards, magazines, advertising, and design. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Födi, Lee Edward
A gallery of artwork and sample stories by the Canadian author and illustrator.

Giladi-Pollard, Carmit
Israeli artist specializing in illustrations for children's books.

Girouard, Patrick
Illustrator's official website featuring portfolio samples, brief biography, and blog.

Gisbert, Montse
European illustrator and creator of children's books.

Golembe, Carla
Paintings, illustrations, and information about the children's book author/illustrator.

Gregory, Chris
Digital illustration by North Carolina based artist.

Haggerty, Tim
Playful illustration focusing on children and animals.

Hall, Mary
Digital, black-and-white, ink, and watercolor illustration for children's publishing.

Hardy, Candace
Graphite, colored pencil, and computer generated children's book illustrations.

Harris, Jenny B.
Illustration for children’s books, magazines, packaging, and classroom materials.

Harris, Phyllis
Children's illustration for books and magazines.

Huacuja, Veronica
Biography, sample artwork, and book excerpts from the children's author and illustrator. Content is also available in Spanish.

Huntington, Amy
Illustrator and author of whimsical, country-themed picture books for children. Based in Vermont.

Hurst, Elise
Artist, illustrator, and author of children's books.

Jacobsen, Laura
Pastel pencil illustrations for children's books and magazines.

Jin, Susie Lee
Online portfolio featuring children's and paper cut illustration, paintings, pencil drawings, line art, and graphic art.

Johansen Newman, Barbara
Portfolio of children's book and editorial art. Includes contact information and client list.

Johansson, Ninni
Watercolor illustrations for children's books.

Johnson, Layne
Portfolio of realistic painted illustration. Also includes information on school visits. [Java]

Judge, Lita
Children's book illustrator and author. Current projects, illustration samples, and book dummies.

Drawings, sketches, water color illustrations, and acrylic paintings for children's novels. Content is available in English and French.

Keiser, Paige
Children's illustration for picture books and magazines.

Traditional and digital illustration for the children's market. Features representative work arranged by artist, category, style, and subject.

Kohls, Brit
Children's illustration featuring coloring book, line art, and full-color samples.

Kollars, Helmut
Illustrator specializing in cartoons, comics, picture books, and educational books. Based in Ireland.

Krudop, Walter Lyon
Samples of the artist's digital illustrations for children's books. Also includes animation art.

Lacey, Joe
Illustrator of art for children's toys, packaging, books and advertising. Portfolio, art samples, biography, and contact information.

Lamut, Sonja
Children's illustrations in classic style.

Lanza, Barbara
Traditional children's and fairy-themed book illustrations.

Leathers, Chris
Children's book illustration and backgrounds for software.

Lee, Brian
Illustration for children's books, packaging, exhibitions, and museums.

Lemaire, Bonnie
Portfolio of children's illustration, handpainted furniture, giftware, invitations, and greeting cards.

Lewis, E.B.
Specializing in children's book illustration.

Lin, Leo
Illustrator of children's books, picture books, and educational materials.

Lippincott, Gary A.
Children's book and fantasy artist and illustrator.

Long, Loren
Illustrator of children's books. Gallery, exhibit information, and artist contact.

Long, Sylvia
Children's book illustrator's artwork, book reviews, and contact information.

Lunden, Einar
Professional cartoonist and illustrator of children's books.

Luthardt, Kevin
Children's illustrator and muralist. Includes biography and information about upcoming events and projects, books, visits, and original art.

MacDonald, Judy
Humorous cartoon style watercolor and line-art illustrations for children's books.

Manning, Maurie J.
Children's illustrator and author. Portfolio, book reviews, answers to frequently asked questions, and advice for aspiring illustrators.

Marble, Abigail
Watercolor and acrylic illustration for the children's market. Portfolio samples, sketchbook, artist biography, and contact information.

Margolis, Al
Samples of charts and illustrations suitable for children's books.

Mathers, Ursula
Portfolio of published books, new ideas, illustrations, and paintings.

McLeod, Kris Aro
Portfolio and biography of the children's illustrator.

Miller, Nancy
Traditional and digital illustrator specializing children's book, editorial, and advertising illustration.

Moore, Cyd
Whimsical children's book illustrator.

Morrison, Cathy
Samples of children's book illustration. Includes portfolio and contact information.

Munger, Nancy
Traditional and digital illustrations with an emphasis on materials for children.

Nathan, Cheryl
Selection of painted and colored pencil children's book illustrations.

Nez, John
Illustration for children's publishing in traditional and digital mediums.

O'Malley, Kathy
Features traditional and whimsical children's book illustration, home portraits, custom murals, and hand-painted furniture.

Palacios, John
Portfolio of acrylic, watercolor, black-and-white, and color illustrations for children's books, posters, and educational materials. Includes image index by topic.

Patience, John
Watercolor, pen and ink illustrations of fairy-tale animals and other characters for print.

Peng, Cathy
Playful illustrations for books, greeting cards, and magazines. Includes artist biography, sketchbook, and contact information.

Penney, Ian
Exhibiting published watercolor illustrations for children's books.

Perruzzi, Diane
Sacramento artist specializing in children's book illustration and murals.

Pollema-Cahill, Phyllis
A portfolio of illustrations for children's publishing.

Quay, Emma
Children's book illustrator and author. Site include artist biography, book information, portfolio samples, and activities.

Radunsky, Vladimir
Home page and samples of books by the children's illustrator.

Ramá, Sue
Contemporary watercolor illustration for children's books, greeting cards, inspirational and editorial use, and giclee prints.

Ray, Jane
British illustrator specializing in children's books. Other formats include greetings cards, posters, and book jackets.

Reisberg, Mira
Children's book illustrator and author, painter, muralist, and digital media artist.

Relyea-Parr, Alison
Children's book illustration specialist, working in traditional media.

Rizzotto, Lynn Titleman
Children's book illustrator. Includes information about the artist's creativity workshops for children. Based in Hingham, MA.

Rosenbaum, Jonathan
Portfolio of illustrations and design concepts for children's books.

Rovira, Francesc
Images, bibliography, and background information about the children's illustrator. Content is available in English, Spanish, and French.

Ruble, Stephanie
Picture book illustrator and author. Artist portfolio, gift items, e-cards, and information about children's books.

Schiffman, Jessica
Illustrations for children in watercolor, fluid acrylic, and ink. Also pen and ink renderings, and cartoons.

Schimler, Amy
Whimsical illustrations and surface designs.

Schmidt, Karen Lee
Portfolio of children's book illustrations, done in traditional media.

Scudder, Brooke
Traditional and digital illustration for children's publishing.

Shannon, Kate
Illustration portfolio for children's books.

Shed, Greg
Children's book illustration. Portfolio also includes fine art with an emphasis on Americana and Native American portraiture.

Sierra, Holly
Examples of work from an artist who specialises in writing and illustrating children's books. Interested in the culture and folklore of Asia, Native America, and Ireland.

Squirrell, Nic
Portfolio of paintings and illustrations.

Stallop, C.A.
Children's illustrator and writer. Online portfolio available; sample dummies by request for qualifying editors.

Steptoe, Javaka
Official site of the award-winning children's book illustrator.

Stich, Carolyn R.
Illustrator of children's books and collectible greeting cards.

Sweet, Melissa
Portfolio of the artist's illustrations for book covers, toys, and maps. Also includes fun and games for kids.

Talib, Binny
Australian illustrator. Portfolio of editorial, surface designs, and children's books.

Thompson, Nora
Fun illustrations for children's books, magazines, cards, toys and games.

Thornburgh, Rebecca McKillip
Children's book illustrations, published works, portfolios of finished art and sketches, and information about the artist and how she works.

Titus, Dave
Illustration and animation for the web and print by the creator of Mozilla, Netscape's official mascot. Website design and editorial art. Portfolio and profile.

Tyrrell, Frances
Samples of the Canadian artist's watercolor paintings and book illustrations.

Wall, Katie
Gallery, information resource, and online portfolio for children's illustrator.

Weller, Duncan
Large format murals, portraits, and children's book illustration in oils, acrylics, and watercolors.

Williams, Philip H.
Children's picture book illustration, portraits, and posters in a variety of styles.

Wingerter, Linda S.
Portfolio of acrylic illustrations from children's books and magazines. Includes information about the artist, news, projects, and prints available for purchase.

Wright, Cliff
UK-based children's illustrator best known for his work on two Harry Potter book covers. Portfolio samples, contact, and information about the artist's "Nature of Seeing" workshops.

Wronker, Eytan
Pen and ink, watercolor, and pencil illustrations for the fantasy genre.

Zaretser, Aleksandr
Children's illustrations and cartoons, done in traditional and digital media.

Zeman, Ann Brandenburg
Portfolio of watercolor and gouache illustrations.

Ziersch, Nahum
Freelance illustrator specializing in children's artwork, character development, and short animation projects.

in den Bosch, Nicole
Full color and black-and-white illustration for children's books and products.