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Index of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery conventions.

Convention Finder
Finds local conventions in U.S. and Canada by postal code.

An annual fanzine fan convention, usually in February. Site includes membership, location, and hotel information for the current convention, and history of past conventions.

Creation Entertainment
Star Trek, Hercules/Xena, and other science fiction conventions. (CC)

Featuring original video content created for the Dragon*Con sci-fi/fantasy convention.

Fanboy's Convention List
Convention list covering a little bit of everything from Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Gaming.

Other Worlds Cafe
An old pre-internet science fiction club and literary discussion group which started on AOL.

SciFi Conventions
Newsletter and listing of upcoming conventions.

SuperMegafest Comicon
Annual pop culture convention in Boston, MA.

Upcoming Cons
Lists of upcoming fan conventions (anime, sci-fi, games, comics, etc.), including dates, locations, and links to official websites.

Wikipedia: List of science fiction conventions
List of conventions, with Wikipedia article, location, date, and URL.