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2lb elephant
Crafting in Australia.

A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk
Sharing mixed media artwork and other projects.

Projects from a young wife in Portland.

Tales of a garden variety artsy-craftsy children's book illustrator.

Angry Chicken
Sharing fabulous crafty adventures.

Ann Wood
Tales of a woman who makes things, paints, and draws for her life and livelihood.

Anna Maria Horner
Offering a view into her studio.

Hoarding treasure bits and crafting art.

Artsy-Crafty Babe
Tales of a mom who likes to make things.

Quilt. Knit. Stitch. Muse.

Bella Dia
Sharing her sewing, knitting, and baking.

Sharing her craft experiences.

Cheeky Beaks
Sewing, thrifting, and stitching.

Craft Test Dummies
Posting for high impact crafters, polymer clay junkies, scrapbookers, quilters, and self-taught creatives.

Australian shares all things crafty.

Sharing daily sources of inspirations dedicated to the Renaissance in the world of crafts. Presenting step by step projects for paper crafts, custom designs, knitting and sewing.

Curious Bird
Sharing her artistic endeavors.

Echoes of a Dream
English woman discusses her craft projects.

Art quilting, artful knitting, food, dieting, and the adventures and sometimes struggles in artmaking.

Hello My Name is Heather
Fabric designer shares a variety of projects.

Label for handmade original art toys for the child in all of us. Friederike and Sandra share their creative working process and what inspires them.

High Up in the Trees
Sharing murals and projects.

Hop Skip Jump
Making softies and baking.

House Wren Studio
Notes on life and craft inside the birdhouse.

House on Hill Road
Crafty mom living in a house on hill road with her husband and her daughters in a city that is stuck somewhere on the border between the midwest and the south.

Il Bloggo
Creativity in the everyday life of Hanna.

Inside A Black Apple
Thoughts of a full time artist / craftista.

Inspiration Engine
Creative thoughts and paintings.

Adventures of a gift fairy.

Juju Loves Polka Dots
Crafty life of a woman with a whim of iron.

Watch her make things.

Crafting in Denmark.

Kirin Notebook
Tales of an interactive and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia, who's dabbling in pattern and jewellery design and printmaking.

Uneventful adventures of a Dutch crafty mum.

Lillie Dillies
A personal blog on exploring the world of sewing and crafts.

Liquid Paper
Sharing her crafts.

Liquid Sky Arts
Senseless acts of beauty.

Little Birds
Sharing sewing projects and stories about her life.

Little Pear's Workshop
Cheryl provides photos of crafts she's done, as well as links to sources to make your own.

Love, Joleen
Sharing her crafty endeavors.

Make Me
Weblog of a somewhat prolific artisan/craftster.

Mama Urchin
Sharing papercrafts and fiber arts.

Murals and sewing projects by Alicia.

Tales of a coffee drinker, bookbinder, quilter, and creature maker.

Molly Chicken
Away with the fairies.

A little bit of this and that.

Mother shares her various projects.

My Art Work
Features photos of competed projects, including quilting and earthen ware.

My Little Mochi
Mother shares her happenings and crafts.

One Good Bumblebee
Writing about her crafty projects and finds.

PaMdora's Box
Artist who makes humorous art quilts and lives with her sculptor husband.

Paper Relics
Musing about life and sharing her photography and collages.

Perch Home
Projects, home, and small things.

Pink Chalk Studio
Motherhood and craft projects.

Crafty woman in Japan share pictures and stories.

Plump Pudding
English woman writes about her projects.

Mining for the beautiful, the decayed and the handmade. The blog promotes emerging design talents and crafting methods.

Pictures and descriptions of her life and many projects.

Pyglet Whispers
Kids, crafts, and the usual chaos.

Red Felt Flower
Brown paper packages tied up with string and a few more of her favourite things.

Reliquary Arts
Two like-minded gals exploring the darker side of traditional arts and crafts.

Life of a writer and artist who makes bizarre plush creatures.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
The other side of the drafting table.

Scribble Nation
Non-stop adventures of Mary Helen, the crafty bandit.

Sewing Stars
Sharing illustrations, softies, and a great deal of other craft projects.

Shim and Sons
Designing her own stationery and other items.

Simple Sparrow
Pictures and crafts and life.

Six and a Half Stitches
Writing about craft endeavors.

Tales of a crafter in Melbourne.

Creative mother's stories and pictures.

Super Eggplant
Adventures in knitting, sewing, baking, and life.

The Cart Before The Horse
Jo James, artist from the Oregon Coast, displays her handmade folk art dolls and ornaments that she sells on Ebay.

Group shares sewing projects and ideas.

Discussing arts and crafts.

This Recycled Life
Inspiration and simple crafts made from recycled materials.

Tiny Happy
Crafty mother in New Zealand writes about her experiences.

Tree Fall Design
Sharing pretty images and tales of crafting.

Turkey Feathers
Homecrafts and everyday adventures.

Two Little Banshees
Kate from Australia shares her sewing, knitting, and quilting.

Two Straight Lines
Courtney tries to create something every day.

While She Naps
Soft toy artist shares pictures.

Knitting and finding beautiful things.

Woof Nanny
Crafting, sewing, and contemplation.

Tales of a knitter, quilter, and maker of things.

Plays nicely with fabrics.

Zakka Life
Dedicated to original, DIY craft projects.